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101 Things that Make Me Happy

in no particular order:
1. An idea that is do-able and fun, like writing down this list.
2. Teddy Bears!
3. Toy stores.
4. Bookstores and libraries.
5. Buying books, holding books.
6. Stumbling on something nice on StumbleUpon.
7. Getting an unexpected SMS from a friend.
8. My Birthday.
9. Making other people happy.
10. Getting that amazed look from my Sunday School students when I’m telling them a story.
11. Having someone tell me I’m pretty/cute/beautiful.
12. Or getting any kind of compliment at all, for the matter.
13. Cute guys flirting with me (shallow, I know).
14. Magazines.
15. Chocolates. Especially Mint ones.
16. Caramel or Mocha Frappucino from Starbucks.
17. Rain (as in the droplets of water from the sky NOT the singer, and yeah, I’m weird like that).
18. People understanding my sarcasm/witty jokes.
19. Presents!!
20. Mail (yeah, even if they’re just receipts or even bills… but better yet if it’s a package of some kind).
21. (cute) Kids πŸ™‚
22. Grocery stores that stock imported items (You really don’t want to get me going on all the stuff).
23. Ice Cream.
24. A nice meal.
25. Seeing the printed out version of the layouts/designs I’ve made.
26. Taking pictures.
27. Seeing the pictures developed.
28. Being underwater (like when I’m swimming, or in a bath, or even in the shower).
29. SNOW! (unfortunately I don’t get a lot of that)
30. Stationeries.
31. Playing with Pierre (my dog).
32. Seeing the red light of notification on my blackberry.
33. Flowers.
34. Doodling.
35. Good quotes.
36. Good quotes by people I actually know.
37. Answering a question.
38. Answering a question in class and seeing the professor nodding in agreement to my statement πŸ˜€
39. Suddenly bursting into a line from a song at random.
40. Running into someone I know.
41. Baby hamsters!
42. Hugs and kisses.
43. Seeing a blog update from friends.
44. Seeing my desk all clean.
45. Listening to my favorite songs.
46. A cup of hot chocolate.
47. Reading a good book!
48. Looking at the stars.
49. Looking at the clouds.
50. A nice nap in the car.
51. Finding something (mostly shoes, books, and bags) nice on sale.
52. New stocks at the accessories store.
53. Browsing through items at Ace Hardware.
54. Hitting a perfect high pitched note during choir.
55. Mixed popcorn (i.e. sweet & salty in one box).
56. Taking a deep breath of cool, clean air.
57. My dogs and the things they do.
58. Going abroad.
59. A good movie.
60. CSI!

61. Writing something nice.

62. Reading an inspiring blog post.
63. Finding a nifty application.
64. Sudden “inspirations”.
65. Praying.
66. Being alone.
67. Being with someone I love.
68. Silence.
69. Silence when I’m with someone I love and we just enjoy each other’s presence.
70. Talking with my friends or exchanging notes in class.
71. Laughing.
72. Taking pictures of myself and getting a good result πŸ˜€
73. Stickers!
74. Randomness!
75. Finding something inspiring on Twitter or Tumblr.
76. Wrapping myself in a nice sweater when it’s cold.
77. Getting epiphanies πŸ™‚
78. Realizing God’s love.
79. Singing “The Lord’s Prayer” in a congregation.
80. Finding things to be grateful about.
81. Several smells.
82. Sunrise and sunsets.
83. A nice picture.
84. Being loved.
85. Being shown expressions of love πŸ™‚
86. People confiding in me.
87. Stories about people’s experience that give me shivers.
88. Being able to finish a test well.
89. Getting A’s!

90. Christmas.

91. Finishing an assignment/task.
92. The way my hair behaves when it dries after a wash.
93. Hotel rooms!
94. Hotel breakfast buffets πŸ˜€
95. Nice, long chats.
96. Looking back at things I wrote.
97. Candle lights.
98. Joking around sarcastically (with good, good friends).
99. Getting something I’ve wished for.
100. Falling in love ❀ ❀ ❀
101. Getting a reply/comment on twitter/facebook/my blog.

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One thought on “101 Things that Make Me Happy

  1. vontho on said:

    so, here is for the number 101. LOL.

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