Pourquoi pas?

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#because you’ll be up to whatever I can come up with as long as we’re spending time together, like…

– walking, running, dancing (and kissing :P) in the middle of heavy rain
– going to the planetarium
– stargazing! (and I mean actually lying down on grass at night and looking at the stars)
– going to various museums
– teaching Sunday School
– leading a camp session
– travelling to various places across the country (like Manado, Papua, Lombok, Medan?, etc.)
– cooking (or messing around in the kitchen)
– going to church together
– working on a project (yeah, seriously)
– wandering aimlessly at a bookstore…
– picking up books at random and talking to each other about those books, perhaps reading a few lines from it too
– debating
– watching TV
– cuddling… LOL
– oh, okay, hiking
– going out with mutual friends only to completely ignore them 😛
– trying out new food
– going to DUFAN! Ha!
– facilitating an event together…
– jam session!
– you accompanying me singing (like at church or at someone’s wedding)
– taking a nap *grin*
– reading
– going to the hospital (that is to say if either one of us is sick, not just because…)
– playing with your little nieces and nephews!
– getting to know each other’s friends
– aha! experimental travel!
– taking public transport… LOL again!
– hmm… riding the motorcycle?
– mall hopping just for fun
– cinema, well, if they manage to get Hollywood movies back…
– cleaning up my stuff? Hahah.
– talking, talking, and talking…
– ooh, I’ll come up with more… and you’re welcome to throw in some ideas too!

(We would have so much fun I can hardly wait!)


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2 thoughts on “#because you’ll be up to whatever I can come up with as long as we’re spending time together, like…

  1. your first list.. sounds like.. an..India..Act.. XD facilitating an event together? well my PYPL is the first recommendation! HAHA! :B

  2. well, hopefully you will see US there 🙂

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