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Book Review: The Voice 2011 — New Testament

Book description:

The Voice™ Bible translation is a faithful dynamic translation of the Scriptures done as a collage  of compelling narratives, poetry, song, truth, and wisdom. The Voice calls the reader to step into the whole story of Scripture and experience the joy and wonder of God’s revelation. Created for and by a church in great transition, The Voice uniquely represents collaboration among scholars, pastors, writers, musicians, poets, and other artists, giving great attention to the beauty of the narrative. The heart of The Voice is retelling the story of the Bible in a form as fluid as modern literary works yet remaining painstakingly true to the original manuscripts. This translation promotes the public reading of longer sections of Scripture—followed by thoughtful engagement with the biblical narrative in its richness and fullness and dramatic flow.


The fact that there are way too many versions of the Bible in today’s world, especially English ones, has been a problematic issue for many. The two big questions are “how accurate is this translation?” and “how readable is it?” — and if you like to add some more twists to it, well… “what are the additional features?”

I’m the kind of person who loves the fact that we have so many different versions of the Bible. To me it means the Bible will never get boring. It’s like reading a new book everytime! It’s also very helpful to look at the different versions when you’re preparing a sermon because quite often one translation sparks a fresh interpretation, but that’s a whole other story.

Now, The Voice sounds like a promising rendering of the Bible, and it indeed is. Perhaps not so much for academic or theological purposes, but definitely for anyone who would like to simply read the Bible… and if you’re reading the Bible for the very first time, I would recommend it even more because of the explanations that are cleverly inserted in the text (it’s clearly marked though, for those of you concerned about the possibility of additional text to be interpreted as Bible verses).

I am looking forward to reading through the whole New Testament in this version during Easter week as part of this challenge.


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