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Review: The Expanded Bible

The print-out version of this would’ve been so much better. I’m saying this because I have the e-version of this bible on my Kindle, and am therefore lacking the highly praised wide margins to add your own notes to.

My first reaction to this edition was that it seemed a bit messy, with all the different possible translations as well as commentaries being inserted in brackets. It was indeed a bit hard to read, especially when the comes are “useless” like whenever it says: Good News [Gospel] — seriously, why?

I also can’t help to compare it with the Amplified Bible.

After reading a bit more, however, once your eyes got used to seeing all the brackets and dots and symbols, I can see how reading this Bible would make for a great bible study period. I found the bracketed comments that appear every now and then to be especially useful. It’s way better than having to look at the footnotes, which brings you to the dictionary which leads you to another verse… if you understand what I mean here.

So yeah, definitely recommended for fruitful bible study periods, especially when you’re focusing on historical/literal study.


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