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The Waiting Place — Eileen Button

I loved the cover. The excerpts and the previous reviews made this book seem like it would be the perfect read. I wanted it to be inspiring, I wanted to be able to relate to it, I wanted to be able to “learn to appreciate life’s little delays”… but I waited and waited as I turn the pages and it just doesn’t happen!

I guess it might be a cultural thing, maybe I just wasn’t the “intended reader”, maybe I had different expectations, but this book was like a biographical note of the writer and I just didn’t get it. I do love the reflection at the last chapter about “the waiting place”, but it’s about the only thing I like about this book… and I quote:

I’ll embrace the pain, beauty, angst, and joy of this gorgeous life and refuse to concentrate solely on the mundane. I’ll seek laughter amid the tough stuff and loveliness in the sorrow. I’ll search for signs of God’s fingerprints, even when it seems he’s failed to appear. I’ll spend time with the people I adore and creatively show them how much I love them. And I’ll resolve to remember that now — even the most difficutl now — isn’t forever.

Then again maybe that’s the whole point, you are waiting to get through something, and at some point you’re finally there. And then of course you start waiting. In this case, I’m now waiting for something more inspiring.


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One thought on “The Waiting Place — Eileen Button

  1. Although you didn’t find what you were looking for, thank you for reading “The Waiting Place,” Aiko. I continue to search for God, humor, and beauty in surprising places. Here’s to being astonished by life and living!
    ~ Eileen

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