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Triplingo, a quick review

The Triplingo apps are currently on SALE for $2.99 (their usual price is $9.99!) in celebration of the release of their FREE Dari app (Dari, btw, is the the variety of Persian spoken in Afghanistan) and their Pirate app being a featured app (the Pirate app is also FREE and a lot of fun, so get it too!) — Languages available: French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

Highlights of the app:

  • Personalized phrase list — upon starting the app for the first time, you answer a list of questions which helps generate a personal phrase list, tailored to your needs. You also have the option of viewing phrases based on situations, and Triplingo provides you the essential phrases (which surprisingly includes pick-up lines!)
  • Different ways to say what you want to say — the app gives you phrases not just in the formal way of speech, but also the casual, slang and even crazy version. While I don’t think using the crazy phrases would ever be appropriate, the casual and the slang should come in handy.
  • Pretty design — a clear winner!
  • Badges — yes, you will be awarded badges as you progress in your recognition of phrases. I don’t know what it is with badges, but I suppose people are wired to need some sort of recognition.
  • Audio — included! No waiting time, just tap the button! In two different speeds!
  • Literal Translation — along with the English phrase, Triplingo also gives you the literal translation for what you’re saying. Which I find very interesting.
  • Extras, Extras — cultural info, word bank
All in all, I think the app is a worthy spend, although I would probably not have bought it if it was $9.99 (which is why I’m thinking about getting the other languages while they’re on sale, at least the Spanish app since I’d like to learn Spanish one day). Also, the audio recording for the “crazy” phrases seem to be off (i. e. the audio does not match the sentence), at least for the French one I currently have, and I know that because I do know some French already so yeah. Hopefully that would get fixed. And more about the app when I explore it further, although I might just blurt some things on twitter.

My 5 latest photography apps

It didn’t seem too fair to have my 10 favorite apps up because the appoholic in me has just got herself some more apps she hasn’t exactly managed to toy around with long enough, so here are my latest 5 photography apps that are worth mentioning (every now and then I download apps that just don’t quite cut it because they’re free :P).

  1. ClassicBooth FREE –> this just showed up in the app store. Apparently it’s basically the same as ClassicBooth only ad-supported. ClassicBooth is the latest addition to misskiwi’s Classic cameras and is, like the name implies, a photobooth app. However, it features not only the usual 3 poses and 4 poses but also 2×2 and 3×3, and has 5 different film options. Neat.
  2. PhotoForge2Β ($2.99) –> the app that a lot of iphoneographers seem to praise even before its launch, my only regret is that I didn’t get it on the day it was launched, when it was only $0.99! But at least I got it before the price increase (supposedly will happen today, June 1st). I also got the in-app purchase (a hefty $1.99) that’s oh-so-worth-it! I honestly think that in-app upgrade should be an app on its own. It’s THAT good.
  3. KingCamera ($0.99) –> not wanting to repeat the mistake I made with PhotoForge2, I decided to purchase this app before its price goes up to $2.99 despite not being so sure whether or not I need it.
  4. Fusioncam (FREE) –> Steply apps have been good to me so far, so I decided to download this. Again, it will be $0.99 soon so yaay for getting it for free!
  5. Andigraf ($1.99)Β –> this was on my wishlist for the longest of time so I’m glad I finally got it. And it lived up to my expectations. ‘Nuff said.
Other apps I’ve recently got (for free) are Filter Mania, Popstamatic, CoolPhoto, AblazePhoto Lite, FrontView, Silent Film Director and TinyWorld. They are still on my iPod but I’m considering deleting some due to lack of use.

10 Favorite Photography Apps

Being a self-proclaimed appoholic especially when it comes to photography apps, I have more apps than what is necessary and have spent quite a lot on apps, although I mostly look for free or reduced price apps, unless they have excellent reviews from my most reliable source yet, lifeinlofi. Of course there is no way I can treat all these apps fairly especially when I’m caught in a moment and need to snap a pic quickly, so here are my 10 favorite apps listed without looking at my iPod, so you know they have a special place in my heart πŸ˜›
  1. Hipstamatic –> the must-have app for most iphoneographers, hipstamatic is possibly the most expensive app in this list, or on my iPod if you count all my add-on purchases. Yet it is sooo worth it. I love the analog look, I love the effects, I love the inaccurate viewfinder (although this can be set otherwise), I love the latest pinch gesture to get a large viewfinder and I love the shake for random setting feat! And of course, Hipstamatic makes the most mundane object beautiful and the beautiful objects out of this world. Now if only I can get the Hipstamatic iPod case
  2. Quickpix –> my current go-to app which I probably use more than Hipstamatic despite it being my favorite app. It’s very simple and very fast. If you hold the camera button, it takes continuous pictures. You can record video and take photos during recording. VERY useful.
  3. 100 Cameras in 1 –> I like this one for its zen effect names. And of course it’s square format (I just love square format photos).
  4. Photosynth –> possibly the best free photography app ever, photosynth makes taking panoramas super easy and result in wonderful, wonderful images.
  5. Plastic Bullet –> Very simple but very effective. Take a picture, randomize, save what you like.
  6. ClassicINSTA –> For your (eh, my) polaroid needs. I have the free version and find it more than adequate. I’m not much of a polaroid fan anyways, so yeah.
  7. Actioncam –> While I’m not a fan of polaroid photos, I love, love, love action lenses, and Actioncam delivers a pretty good option for free (and has beautiful in-app upgrades). My other action favorite is Andigraf but I’ve only had it for a few days so figured it should wait until it gets the honor of being listed πŸ˜›
  8. Labelbox –> Free and extremely useful if you need to put some text info on your photos. And I mean good looking ones. Favorite effect? The classic Dymo labeler.
  9. qbro –> Square. Tons of effects that actually look nice. I’m sold.
  10. Leme Cam –> To be honest I loved Lomolomo. But since that’s gone and all I have now is Leme Cam, well, better than nothing. It still delivers the results, it just looks uglier these days.
There you have it, my (current) 10 favorite photography apps. What’s yours?

Gone is LomoLomo… Meet the LemeLeme brothers instead!

Nobody knows what happened to LomoLomo. It just disappeared from the App Store some time last week, and a few days later was a “new” app from the same developer, LemeLeme HD, which was then followed by LemeLeme, both available for free… Well, sort of.

LemeLeme HD is similar to the free version of LomoLomo although a bit more generous as I remember it. Your base download gives you 7 lenses and 4 cameras, and each additional lense or camera costs an extra $0.99. They have changed the looks of most cameras and renamed some of the lenses. Honestly? The looks are ugly and were quite obviously made in a hurry. But anyways. Everything else is the same as LomoLomo.

Meanwhile, LemeLeme is… well, a simpler app, I suppose. It provides you with a simple camera, or you can choose a photo from your camera roll. Then, choose a filter, which is basically all the available lenses. And that’s about it. I actually kinda like it cause I like some of the looks that LomoLomo alone can create… Howeverrr… LemeLeme also adds a frame to the pic that comes together with the filter, and worst of all… For some reason you have to login to the network even if you want to save a photo privately.Β 

So yeah. Whateverr…

I’m sticking with my fully fledged copy of LomoLomo… and crossing ny fingers that I won’t ever have to restore my iPod…

MindSnacks French Update!

This came in yesterday… @MindSnacks has finally released the bug fix for the Meteor Attack game!

It is now possible to keep your city safe from those nasty meteors, and pass the 18th challenge, resulting in the unlock of the last game: Sort ‘Em!

Sort ‘Em, as I have found out, is a game where you get to sort words/sentences into boxes depending on whether they’re masculine/feminine/plural/singular etc.

Currently at level 22 learning about regular -ir verbs.

BTW, do add my GameCenter account, my nickname is ai1311.

a List of My Photography Related Apps (based on where the app is located on my screen)

1st screen, outside
1. Quickcam

1st screen, folder
2. Actioncam (in-app: PhotoBooth pack)
3. Hipstamatic (in-app: Williamsburg, Portland, Shibuya, Camden, Mission, Mac & Milk, SXSW, Dali Museum, Levi’s Photo Workshop, Soho — yes, that’s everything they have on offer… and yes, I went a little nuts)
4. LomoLomo Pro (in-app: *big grin* everything they have on offer as well. I actually love LomoLomo and am deeply disturbed that it’s no longer available in the app-store!)
5. PictureShow
6. ClassicTOY (in-app: enhancement pack)
7. Incredibooth
8. Puddingcam
9. Infinicam
10. 8mm Vintage Camera
11. Camera+ (in-app: i ❀ Analog filters)
12. Plastic Bullet
13. 100 Cameras in One

2nd Screen
14. Photos πŸ˜›
15. Project 365

3rd Screen, First Folder
16. Camera
17. All in One Camera Free
18. Instagram
19. ClassicINSTA (FREE)
20. Retro Camera Plus
21. Photocabine
22. Gorillacam
23. Genius
24. iMajiCam
25. DailyBooth
26. DreamStream
27. Nobikuma Lite

3rd Screen, Second Folder
28. Panominute
29. TiltShiftGen
30. BlendCam
31. FotoRoid
32. Colorize
33. Cute Stickers Free
34. InfraVision
35. Age Me
36. Mill Colour
37. Moco Camera Pro
38. Moco Frame Generator
39. Splice

3rd Screen, Third Folder
40. CameraBag
41. Pro Camera Lite
42. PhotoCollage
43. typogram
44. Camera FX
45. Camera HD
46. Camera XL
47. FotoIr PS
48. myFilmLite
49. HDRforFree
50. FlashforFree
51. FAIL Maker

3rd Screen, Fourth Folder
52. FilterFX
53. MovieFX
54. Phototreats
55. Labelbox
56. Rotate Mojo
57. PS Express
58. Photo Mess
59. Strip Designer
60. Halftone
61. Ransom Letters
62. Phoster
63. News Flash

3rd Screen, Outside
64. iLabeler
65. LoveLetters

WHOA! That is actually a lot! *grin* You see, one does not notice such things unless you make a proper list somewhere. And to think of just how much I’ve actually spent on those apps! Hmm… On the plus side, it makes my iPod Touch a most wonderful gadget (and the only camera I carry around and use except for my Blackberry camera, which is also becoming obsolete). And when you compare it to having to buy a new digital camera, well, the apps are far cheaper. And let’s not even get me started on the thought of buying an actual lomo cam.

So yeah. Questions on the above apps?

My Everchanging iOS apps Wishlist

(it’s everchanging because I like to buy them every once in a while :P)
(last update 07/04/11, 19.10)

1. Angry Birds RIO ($0.99)
2. Angry Birds Seasons ($0.99)
3. Cameramatic ($1.99) + in-app purchases (2x$0.99)
4. Halftone ($0.99)
5. PictureShow ($1.99)
6. Ransom Letters ($0.99)
7. Plastic Bullet ($1.99)
8. Quickcam ($0.99)
9. Lo-Mob ($1.99)
10. The Diana ($0.99)
11. Swankolab ($1.99) + in-app purchase ($1.99)
12. Phoster ($1.99)
13. Sign Me Out ($0.99)
14. iLabeler ($0.99)
15. 100 Cameras in One ($1.99)
16. Photo Desk ($0.99)
17. Dynamic Light ($0.99)
18. Andigraf Multishot ($1.99)
19. TiltShift Generator ($0.99)
20. PhotoTreats in-app (2x$0.99)
21. Diptic ($1.99)
22. MyFilm ($0.99)
23. qbro ($0.99)
24. Slow Shutter Cam ($0.99 SALE)
25. You Gotta See This! ($1.99)

26. AutoStitch ($1.99)
27. PhotoShake ($1.99)
28. TiltShift ($1.99)
29. iQuikDoF ($1.99)
30. Magic Hour ($1.99)
31. WordFoto ($1.99)
32. Retro Camera ($1.99)
33. Film Lab ($0.99)

And like I said… it’s everchanging… so… πŸ˜‰

PS: And yes, I realize that the list is heavily inclined towards Photography apps.

The Most Expensive App I’ve Bought Award Goes To…

MindSnacks French!

It was a fortunate day when I was browsing the app store via iTunes and the MindSnacks French app was displayed… and it was free. So I was like, why not? and downloaded it. Of course it turns out it was a demo which gives you two levels. And well, I loved the demo so much that I just had to pay for the complete program!! At $9.99, it was easily the most expensive app I’ve ever bought, and probably will forever stay that way πŸ˜›

Nevertheless, it is well worth it. Well, if you want to learn some French, that is. MindSnacks makes it super easy to enrich your vocabulary in a very fun way, by turning learning into gaming.

There are six games available, although you start with two and the rest will unlock as you advance levels and complete challenges. Fish Tank works your speed in recognizing words and meanings, Phrase Birds helps your spelling, Mystery Crate is to learn your articles and spelling as well, Shutterbug is a matching game which is good to learn your phrases and Meteor Attack! lets you work on comprehension. I’m currently at level 19 and am having trouble completing the 18th challenge which is in Meteor Attack! and therefore can’t get the sixth game for the moment *sobs*

By the end of each mini game you play, you will get points, and once you’ve accumulated enough points, you will advance levels.

I generally try to work my way through all five mini games at random, but always starting with Shutterbug πŸ˜›

I have also found that Mystery Crate seems to give the most points πŸ˜‰

Apps I’ve Paid For

Yes, I’m officially app-dicted! LOL. While I’m having trouble stopping myself from browsing the App Store and downloading the free apps, here are the ones that I have actually paid for and am not regretting. Well, okay, some regrets, but you’ll learn about that later.

1. BookCrawler ($1.99) — My book database. Looking back, I guess I’m slightly sad I didn’t op for My Library instead cause that tracks movies and CDs too, but I really do love BookCrawler. It’s super easy to use (barcode scanning works wonders), finds the majority of my books, displays it in various ways, etc. Also, backs up to the computer, and I was able to import the database to Goodreads, although Goodreads unfortunately could not find most of my Indonesian books.

2. Use Your Handwriting Gold ($0.99) — Simple. Pretty. Useful. What more could you ask? This is my main list writing tool. Especially when I need it fast and can’t bother myself with the minuscule keypad. I have also used it to entertain kids because it really doesn’t care whether you’re writing or drawing (I deleted the Glow Draw app after I realized that!). Oh, and as a list app, it actually lets you make lists within lists, which is pretty cool. For example, under the theme “Wish List” I have “Apps” which opens to “Paid” and “Free”, each opening up to the actual list.

3. Angry Birds ($0.99) — Very addictive, very fun, and very much worth it. The fee unlocks hundreds of stages which means you never ever run out. Well, at least I haven’t. Besides the thing about Angry Birds is that you can repeat the same levels and still not get bored with it.

4. Hipstamatic ($1.99) — along with a whole lot of in-app upgrades (the whole set :P), Hipstamatic has officially become my camera of choice and it constantly delivers. Well, except when I’m doing my “365 Days of Me” project because Hipstamatic doesn’t support the use of the front camera πŸ˜›

5. Lomolomo Pro ($0.99) — and several camera in-app purchases. The latest upgrade now includes choosing your frame. Which makes me love Lomolomo Pro even more. Oh, and this is the camera I mainly use for my “365 Days of Me” project πŸ˜‰

6. CameraTOY in-app upgrade ($1.99) — which unlocks three action cameras that work wonders. Enough said.

7. Incredibooth ($0.99) — Old time photobooth. In your pocket. Instant fun.

8. Infinicam ($1.99) — Possibly the only app I slightly regret buying because it isn’t as good nor as fun as I expected it to be. I have a feeling Swankolab would’ve been a better option. Nevertheless, practically infinite combinations to create photo effects for $1.99, no complains. And it is fun, except I sort of prefer instant results (read: Hipstamatic) than having to go through tons of combinations and still not finding one I like.

9. Momento ($2.99) — BEST. Journaling thing. EVER. I love the looks, and I love how it feeds my FB status updates and tweets (and other feeds too), resulting in a wonderful daily record of my life.

10. Lectionary ($0.99) — and the in-app upgrade for $1.99, is useful for sermon prep, and daily devotions. Simple but lovely.

11. Pocket Prayer Pro ($1.99) — Excellent Prayer List, lets you schedule prayers and record the answers too. And as a bonus, it includes sample prayers for various occasions.

12. Mega Bible Commentaries, Reading Plans and Encyclopedia ($1.99 each) — I’ve just got these yesterday and my plan is to let them help me with sermon preparations on the go. It looks like they will deliver. Oh, did I mention the Reading Plans include 67 Bible versions? Epic.

Quite a lot, huh? My only justification is that they’re well worth it. And honestly, I don’t think I will buy more apps in the near future… well, although there are these certain apps that seem interesting… *wanders off with a grin!*

Free Apps That Do What Your All-in-one App Provides

First and foremost (probably the reason why I love appzilla), the developers of appzilla have generously provided some of their apps for free. Yes, there’s the occasional pop-up to buy their full app and a huge button display of the same app, but nevertheless the mini apps work great and you can choose what you need.
1. Appzilla Tools, includes Bubble Level, Clinometer, Plumb Bob, Ruler and Protractor.
2. Appzilla Financial, includes Currency Converter, Price Calculator, Sale Calculator and Tip Calculator.
3. Appzilla Reference, includes Dictionary, Reverse Dictionary, Thesaurus, Spelling, and Rhymes.
4. Appzilla Games, includes Buzzer, Dice and Tally Counter.
5. Appzilla Sleep Aid, includes Alarm and Sleep Aid.
6. Appzilla Entertainment, includes Coin Flip, Crystal Ball, Sound Box and Voodoo.
There’s also Appzilla Navigation (with two apps) and Appzilla Stink Bomb.
So you see, even from Appzilla itself you can get 26 apps for free, thank you, Fossil Software πŸ˜‰

For twitter and facebook, use the official app.
For camera tools, try Gorillacam or All-in-one Camera Free.
For flashlights or other lighting tools, try Lamp CL, NiceBulbPro, or Lightbox Lite.
For a mirror, try Mirror in your pocket, or iSeeMe.
If you need a magnifying glass, iLoupeOne does a splendid job, or you can try iCanSee.
For Sticky notes, try TapFactory’s Sticky Notes with Alarm and Bump Sharing (it’s a Lite version), or StickyIcky which seems to do the job very basically.
For journaling needs, MomentDiary, or Meemo.
To do lists are easily taken care of by too many apps, but I use Simplist, and Wunderlist is also a nice app.

What else do you need an app for? (I’m officially an app addict so I would willingly scour the appstore for you and find the ones that are nice and FREE!)

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