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Common Flirting/Courting Tips and How NOT to Abuse It (for Guys)

Okay, so this post has been brewing in my mind after several incidents of guys creeping the hell out of me. So yes, my examples are actually real experiences. No offense to the one who committed it (in case they’re reading), but seriously, someone HAS to tell you that you’re doing it wrong. So here goes.

Common Tip #01 — When you shake her hand, hold it a few seconds longer than necessary.
This, gentlemen, is supposed to be done naturally. I don’t even know why it’s a common tip, but okay, I guess some guys can be… Umm, never mind 😉

How not to abuse it:
When it says a few seconds, it means a maximum of 5 seconds. Holding the girl’s hand for anything more than that is creepy. Holding the girl’s hand for a whole sentence is… A surefire way to get blacklisted by her. Unless you’re ultra handsome and the girl is actually really, REALLY interested in you.

Common Tip #02 — Compliment her.
There is no girl in this world who doesn’t like and appreciate a good compliment every now and then. Even when she seems to make an effort of dismissing your compliments. Yeah, we do that sometimes. Mostly out of confidence issues.

How not to abuse it:
First, keep it real! Don’t make up compliments just because you feel like you have to compliment something. Second, keep it common! Yes, it might sound like a cliché and you might want to be unique, but a girl’s eyes is not as pretty as a marshmallow and her hands are not like banana fritters, no matter how much you like those two food items *rolls eyes*

Common tip #03 — Tell her!

It’s actually a good thing. Just like guys wonder how a girl is feeling about him, we girls wonder the same thing too. It’s what makes the flirting game interesting and frustrating at the same time, but it would definitely be easier if you can just tell her that you have special feelings for her.

How not to abuse it:
This tip should come with a warning: “But only when you’re at least somewhat sure that she’s reciprocating your feelings.” And that’s usually after a month or so of courting (well, unless it was really, REALLY obvious that she likes you). Anything earlier than that and you will just destroy any hope for you in the future. Also, when you do it, be prepared for rejection in many forms. Some girls can be really cruel.

Common tip #04 — Join some of her activities.
Word has it that most people fall in love with those they spend most time with. Plus, you get to see her, talk with her, and build a relationship over some commonality.

How not to abuse it:
Please put a heavy stress on the part that says “SOME”. That means one or two, and make sure it’s a normal, public, gender free activity. Being at ALL of her activities will be considered stalking. And that’s just not right. Oh yeah, this includes hovering around her at all times. NOT cool. Even when feelings seem to be mutual and you just LOVE being around her, being everywhere she is just makes her sick of you. There, I said it. (While I’m at it, this goes on to when you and her are actually an item. Do NOT be everywhere she is. You’re not Siamese twins, both of you should have some private space).

Common tip #05 — Be interested in HER.
Of course, you probably already are interested in her. What is meant here is try to give extra attention to what she is doing/feeling and how her life is in general, and show her this by either asking her how her day is going, commenting on her latest facebook status or replying to one of her tweets.

How not to abuse it:
1. Do not ask her the same question every time! Yes, I’ve had a guy texting me “lg apa?” (that’s Indonesian for “what are you doing?”) every hour or so. This was then usually followed with “oh. udah makan?” (Indonesian for “Oh. Have you eaten yet?”). B-O-R-I-N-G! and annoying too, for the matter. Be creative! For example, when she looks like a total mess, ask her “Too much things to do?” which can be followed with “need any help?” OR when she’s all bubbly say “so, why are you so happy today?” — And when you just can’t find a different question, at least after asking “what are you doing?” shoot up a question about the activity she’s doing. Duh.
2. Do not comment/reply on every single one of her updates!! That just spells S-T-A-L-K-E-R and s-o-m-e-c-r-e-e-p-w-h-o-h-a-s-n-o-t-h-i-n-g-b-e-t-t-e-r-t-o-d-o. A bit more than you would a common friend, but not too much. Moderation is always the key. Oh, especially when you don’t have much important to say about the update.


Write exactly what’s on your mind and don’t change it.

1. I am listening to = barking dogs

2. Maybe I should = go to sleep

3. I love = my life!

4. My best friend = is my mom

5. I don’t understand = him

6. I lost my respect for = someone

7. I last ate = coconut

8. The meaning of my display name is = “Gift from God”

9. Someday = I’ll fly away…

10. I will always be = ME!

11. My myspace is = very much neglected

12. I get annoyed when = people throw a list of things to do at me. Like I haven’t got enough things to do!!

13. Parties = are loud! Ugh.

14. Kisses = are sweet…

15. Today I = went and met up with my uncle, my cousin, and her hubby (and I’m so happy for them but envy them too).

16. I wish = for something 🙂

Random questions.

1. Is your hair wet?: nope

2. Is your cell phone right by you?: yeah

3. Do you miss someone?: hmm… I guess…

4. Are you wearing chap stick?: nope… kinda need it tho’

5. Are you tired?: yeah

6. Are you wearing pajamas?: nopes.

7. Are you mad?: na-ah.

8. Are you upset?: no.

Have You.

1. Recently done anything you regret?: hmm, yeah, sort of…

3. Ever stuck gum under a desk?: no, that’s the most disgusting thing ever!

4. Ever kicked someone?: oh yeaah…

5. Ever tripped over your own feet?: yes


1. Have you cursed?: no

2. Have you gotten mad at someone?: no


1: Is there a person who is on your mind right now?: YES!

2: Do you have any siblings?: sort of 😛

3: Do you want children?: sure

4: Do you smile often?: yes

5: Do you wish on stars?: not really

6: Do you untie your shoes every time you take them off?: no

7: Do you like your handwriting?: yes

8: Are your toenails painted?: no

9: Are you a friendly person?: depends on my mood!

10: Whose bed did you sleep in last night?: mine, of course

12: What were you doing at 10 pm last night?: going home from choir practice

13: I can’t wait until: June!

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