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You know you haven’t been blogging for too long when…

You can’t remember what your password is. On the bright side of things though, I got it right on the first guess, so maybe it hasn’t been THAT long after all. This blog is getting very much neglected though, that much I can say. But seriously, who finds the time to blog in between work, sleep and play?? It’s odd actually, when you look at these blogs that tell you to live your life, etc. and yet they are somehow able to write something while doing that. I mean, it’s just NOT possible. I hardly even have time to write in my diary! Well, to write something meaningful and reflective, that is. Of course I manage to write the crappy “this is what happened today” things. ANYWAY, yes, this is just me doing random babbles. Just checking in to say that I’m indeed still alive, and still living my life of being twenty seven — although it has just dawned on me that I’ll be 28 in just 3 months. Now that’s scary.


Happy birthday, Dad!

Dear Dad,

I don’t know much about you, and I don’t remember much either. After all, the last time I saw you I was only two. Truth be told, I miss you, and I wish I was able to meet you again, but of course that’s not possible since you are no longer in this world. If you were, however, today would’ve been your 67th birthday, so: happy birthday, Dad!

I still have the teddy bear that you gave for my birth, so aptly named Teddy. He and his bunny friend Hawe will both be turning 28 this year, just like me! I think I still have a birthday card or two that was from you, and of course there’s is that Janosch book. The story of the little tiger who got ill and the little bear trying to help him get well. On the first page you wrote down “for Aiko, may she never be ill” or something like that, sorry Dad, I don’t have it memorized yet. These things however are my treasures, along with the few photos I have of me and you.

But what is more important than all that is that half of me as a human being originated from you, and I must say I’m so glad it did. Thank you, Dad, for loving my mother, and for loving me.

Yes, I have a little crush on him…

Not the cute guy at the chocolate festival I was completely testing the “stare, smile, look away” flirting technique with (and majorly succeeding, I think). Yes, he was kinda cute and all that, but really… I think I’ve passed the age where I have crushes on people based on their looks only.

my current kind of crush
builds up from spending (a whole lot of) time with someone
just talking about random things,
resulting in having inside jokes;
sharing sweet little moments
that are sure to make people go
“wait, what was THAT all about?”
or maybe not, if the moments are really subtle;
giving glances
and making gestures
that speak more than words…
and staring at each other
in that awkward moment when
we have to part
we don’t really know how to do that.

Yes, mister, I do have a little crush on you.

Officially addicted to tea!

I think I have always been more inclined to have tea rather than coffee, or any other kind of drink, really… Except for plain water.

If I had to make a list of what I would be more likely to drink (that does not contain alcohol) at any given moment in time, I would say 1. Plain water, 2. Tea, 3. Hot chocolate, 4. Some fizzy drink and 5. Coffee. Of course it would also largely on the time of day, what the weather is like, what the situation is and how my mood is. I will only have coffee in the morning (anytime before 11am), for example… and am more likely to have hot chocolate in the evening.

Tea, however, is special. As a kid I remember being fond of peppermint tea and fruit tea, which would really only be available whenever we were in Germany. At some point I loved Earl Grey tea, and as a general rule, I would almost always have Iced Lemon Tea with my orders at restaurants. Or hot green tea at sushi places. In Singapore, teh tarik was my best friend… This stayed with me even after the Singapore days… Until one day I was told that Teh Tarik was lowering my blood pressure and causing my headaches. But I still love black tea with sugar and milk every now and then.

Coming to Switzerland was like coming to tea paradise for me. After all, back home we mostly have only black tea available, or imported flavoured tea that is ridiculously expensive… And I would always refrain from buying these different sorts of tea because the high temperature makes it in general highly unlikely for me to prefer drinking tea anyway, and then they would just be sitting in the cupboard… But here… Well, paradise! Tons of flavours, affordable prices, perfect temperature, even a set tea break time at the office!

Add to that the wonderful discovery of tea tags and round robins at the postcrossing forum and I’m officially a tea-addict!

Today, I found a website just for tea addicts — Steepster. I’m looking forward to journaling my tea adventures there, and also here!

For starters, I received 5 new teabags in the mail today (Postcrossing!) from The Netherlands:
Pickwick Dutch Tea blend
Pickwick Chocolate Mint (!!)
Tea Delight Rooibos Cinnamon
Albert Heijn Kauwgomballen (Bubblegum!!)
Albert Heijn Groene thee Honig & Citroengras (Green tea honey and lemongrass)

AND, it’s a wonderful rainy afternoon. The only question is… Which flavour do I start with?

Studying Theology?

This morning I saw this photo posted on my friend’s facebook page…

And a few moments later THIS popped up on another friend’s page:

And I laughed at how ironically true these are.

However, a friend of the friend who posted the “studying theology” picture mentioned that this is not true for us women. TRUE.

Well, I decided to make my own version of “studying theology” — the women’s experience! Enjoy 🙂

Just another day at the Office

Me (looking at the list of search terms that lead people to our WCRC blog): “Hey Chris, you know what one of the search terms used to find our blog is? Student unrest mental confusion…”

Chris: “Was that because of the Occupy post?”

Me: “I don’t know, but… student unrest mental confusion? That’s just weird. What was this person looking for anyway?!”

Me: “Here’s another one: What does ecumenical activities mean?”

Chris: “What does ecumenical activities mean? That makes it sound like something criminal…”

Me: “Oh, well, you know… it’s causing an uproar around the globe…”

Chris: “Yes, it’s causing an uproar around the globe… and mental confusion!”

Both: (laughing probably loud enough to be heard at the other side of the corridor)

Disclaimer: Please don’t take this as our serious opinion on this… although it might indeed be something to ponder!

About me, in 160 characters or less…

A compilation of my past, present and future twitter bios 😛

–> God’s daughter. Mom’s princess. His girl.

–> fact #131 — It is not possible to describe me (or pretty much anyone else) in 160 characters or less.

–> 26 y.o. girl who lives in Jakarta. My timeline is a weird mash-up because I have a broad scope of interest and am way too easily amused. Or irritated.

–> contradictive: complicated but simple. childish but mature. loud but quiet. easily amused but short-fused sometimes.

–> 26, f, Jakarta.

–> 26, f, Jakarta. Enjoying life one breath at a time.

–> 26. Female. Jakarta, Indonesia. Seminary Student. Too many interests.

–> Silly, weird, crazy and random. That’s just me!

–> Fact #001 — I’m a hopeless romantic. Contrary to my own belief, I never stopped being one.


Okay, so I changed the background to make the blog more personal (well, very, VERY personal… that’s me in background *grin*). I also enabled ad-sense because hey, who knows I could get some extra income to fund my app addiction 😛

The blog will probably feature a whole lot more app reviews in the future *grin again*, presumably a little more theological reflections, and still a lot of random things I feel like writing about as usual.

Also, iPod photos will now be showcased on my tumblr, under the tag ipod-o-graphy. Go ahead and check it out 😉

Paint Here.

Instruction on my “wreck my journal” page.

This is what I did:

Am feeling terribly uninspired at the moment. However, “painting” is slightly therapeutic. There’s just something about letting your hand move and paint flow that seems to calm me down and release tensions in my head. Now why can’t thesis writing be like that?

Wreck My Journal!

Well, since it is practically impossible for me to get a copy of Keri Smith’s Wreck This Journal at the moment, I decided to create my own. I had this black blank journal lying around for like forever and it seemed perfect for the purpose 🙂

I then scoured the net for some prompts, some are from the actual book, some from elsewhere, and some are my originals. I wrote the prompts on each page. Except I stopped at 2/3 of the book because I got tired. LOL. The last prompt I wrote was “Google JOURNALING PROMPTS and FILL UP the rest of the pages” *grin*

So yeaah… time to get to work…

(umm, yes, I actually should be doing something more productive like finishing my thesis… but then again one needs a little creative outlet once in a while, right?)

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